Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deer and Deerhounds in a Mountain Torrent - Edwin Henry Landseerthis is
I think shade and movement is almost everything that matters in art. If you’re using paint for your picture I personally think it’s harder. When it’s the end of a figure of a painting you have to make the whole body’s color darker and darker. It’s hard for me to find those colors you just have to mix black and white to a small portion to the color. But sometimes if you’re using a white color for a object in your painting. You can sometimes use the color grey for just a fade away of the end of the object. If you can do this right you can make it seem like the picture is coming out to you. The movement in the art is important it also deals with shade it can tell you if the object has a big mass. My dad has told me about this guy that will paint a back ground of woods on your wall. Then he would paint an animal that you shot and put the mounting of just its head put it over were the animal head should be. Then it would look like a full mounting of whatever animal you shot. I have seen his work and it seems like its real life. These most likely sounds like it would cost a lot of money for it to be done. I don’t think I would have it done to my house but the art of it the shades of real life is outstaying.  


  1. Josh- What do you mean by "movement"? Could you explain this?

    1. what i was talking about was the movmenr like in a picture a smuge of color waration at the end of an object to show the direction it is going in if its falling if the person is walking forward or backwards when you look at a picture you shoulf know whats happening in the picture what the main object is doing with movment