Monday, May 7, 2012

Drawing people’s faces I find challenging because of all the different facial expressions. The shading on their cheeks their lips I find it really hard. Then all the little hairs on their eye brows and eye lash and how their hair sits on their face. I also find drawing hands really hard but I think hands are harder. Because of all the indents on the fingers every little marks in your skin. Were your skin bends over each other you have to fully understand the object that you’re drawing? Like were you skin does bend and the parts that there are more hair in different places. And it matters how you draw you picture how the hand or face what expression on the face. Or what the hand is doing if it’s grabbing something or its open or if is half way open. Every different movement of the hand or face there will be something else to draw to show in more detail what is happening. You should always be able to tell what is happening in the drawing. I think you everyone should be able to tell a story about what you drew by relating it and showing what you drew. That can inspire lots of different people to do different things. Like give them an idea about something to write a book about or make a whole series of different things. Because when you draw a face you try to see what the person in the drawing has been through. What his life story is just like in real life.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Someone once told me that the shading I do was not accounted the same color. As the actually piece that I was drawing I they told me that what I was drawing was darker. I was doing a piece in art class what we had to do was get a picture from a magazine. Then cut a part of it out then draw in the piece that what we cut out. The picture I chose was a guy wearing a hoodie with his back against the outside of a building. Then he had a black bike in front of him I cut out half of his face half of his body with his hands in his pocket. Then half of the bike in front of him I thought I did pretty well with the comparison of the part I cut out. But my brother is the one that said that the color needs to be darker. It was just drawn with pencil my art teacher said the same thing but he just said it’s the way I look at pictures when I draw. I couldn’t help it then he talked about someone else he uses to have in his class that did the same thing. He told me to try to go over it and just do my best to try to make it darker but since I’m a perfectionist. I couldn’t I tried my best to make it a little darker but I just felt like I was committing a crime.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some people like to draw landscapes with mountains and trees and nature. Or some people like to draw objects or thing in a house or room. Like when I was in beginners art my teacher made on side of the room full of things. Like a blow up wale a palm tree glass sand a beach ball little tacks put on wood. In all there were near 100 different objects that we had to draw. We were given two weeks ten days to get as many pieces that we could. Once we got all the pieces that we could we had to put shade in it all the lights were shut off except two or three lights that were pointing toward the wall. One of the most important things to do is always sit in the same place every day. If you sat in different places then the shades of the objects would look different. If you work outside the art many different things that you have to think about. You would have to go to your spot at the same time the weather would have to be similar. The suns movement would be a problem so you could not stay long. Unlike doing it in a room where the lighting is always the same. In an outside environment there would also be a lot of different things that would move. For an example the wind would move the trees constantly leaves would fall different things that would make it more difficult. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deer and Deerhounds in a Mountain Torrent - Edwin Henry Landseerthis is
I think shade and movement is almost everything that matters in art. If you’re using paint for your picture I personally think it’s harder. When it’s the end of a figure of a painting you have to make the whole body’s color darker and darker. It’s hard for me to find those colors you just have to mix black and white to a small portion to the color. But sometimes if you’re using a white color for a object in your painting. You can sometimes use the color grey for just a fade away of the end of the object. If you can do this right you can make it seem like the picture is coming out to you. The movement in the art is important it also deals with shade it can tell you if the object has a big mass. My dad has told me about this guy that will paint a back ground of woods on your wall. Then he would paint an animal that you shot and put the mounting of just its head put it over were the animal head should be. Then it would look like a full mounting of whatever animal you shot. I have seen his work and it seems like its real life. These most likely sounds like it would cost a lot of money for it to be done. I don’t think I would have it done to my house but the art of it the shades of real life is outstaying.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

pic from
 Im going to write about art all kinds of art. Personaly my favorit type of art is useing grapghfite. Just two main colors black and white but use them in different shades. Never make an ontline of a figure the only way you should be able to tell two differenet figures is by the light and shadows of its figure. Paint i have seen good paintings the ones with lots of paint coming out of the painting is of my favor. I also like useing pencial because i like more dark pictures. More gothic deamon type drawings i think it really chalenges your ability to draw.