Monday, May 7, 2012

Drawing people’s faces I find challenging because of all the different facial expressions. The shading on their cheeks their lips I find it really hard. Then all the little hairs on their eye brows and eye lash and how their hair sits on their face. I also find drawing hands really hard but I think hands are harder. Because of all the indents on the fingers every little marks in your skin. Were your skin bends over each other you have to fully understand the object that you’re drawing? Like were you skin does bend and the parts that there are more hair in different places. And it matters how you draw you picture how the hand or face what expression on the face. Or what the hand is doing if it’s grabbing something or its open or if is half way open. Every different movement of the hand or face there will be something else to draw to show in more detail what is happening. You should always be able to tell what is happening in the drawing. I think you everyone should be able to tell a story about what you drew by relating it and showing what you drew. That can inspire lots of different people to do different things. Like give them an idea about something to write a book about or make a whole series of different things. Because when you draw a face you try to see what the person in the drawing has been through. What his life story is just like in real life.

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