Monday, April 30, 2012

Someone once told me that the shading I do was not accounted the same color. As the actually piece that I was drawing I they told me that what I was drawing was darker. I was doing a piece in art class what we had to do was get a picture from a magazine. Then cut a part of it out then draw in the piece that what we cut out. The picture I chose was a guy wearing a hoodie with his back against the outside of a building. Then he had a black bike in front of him I cut out half of his face half of his body with his hands in his pocket. Then half of the bike in front of him I thought I did pretty well with the comparison of the part I cut out. But my brother is the one that said that the color needs to be darker. It was just drawn with pencil my art teacher said the same thing but he just said it’s the way I look at pictures when I draw. I couldn’t help it then he talked about someone else he uses to have in his class that did the same thing. He told me to try to go over it and just do my best to try to make it darker but since I’m a perfectionist. I couldn’t I tried my best to make it a little darker but I just felt like I was committing a crime.

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